Banner [Used on Facebook] (1200x627)Gamers and everyone that loves a brain-teaser now can download Dreamgate Studios‘ cartoon art style, light bending, color blending puzzle game Light in the Dark for their iOS, Android and Windows smart phone devices. Initial levels are simple enough for children to enjoy but later stages are challenging for adults.

The game begins with the discovery that the cute babies of Totems; a colorful undiscovered species, have lost their way in an ancient labyrinth tomb. Gamers must help the children reunite with the parents.

Players must solve perplexing puzzles and avoid dangerous but equally adorable enemies including mummies and sandmen. Villains force players to make moves quickly as these treacherous opponents can end a level after a certain amount of time has passed or tackle parent Totems.

Tagged Gameplay #1 [Used on App Store]Gamers can swipe the screen of their mobile devices to move mirrors, which bend light. Players can also reposition parent Totems, which illuminates surrounding areas in one of three colors. Baby Totems are only reunited with their parents when basking in the glow of their own preferred hue. To create colors which are different from those emitted by adult Totems, players blend the light of the parents with each other.

To unlock all content in Light in the Dark, gamers must also spotlight stars on each level, in addition to the baby totems. The more stars players highlight, the more levels they reveal.

“The experience we gained working on X-Com, BioShock and Fallout gave us the technical lessons needed to make amazing games,” David De Margheriti, CEO, Dreamgate Studios, explains. “We could focus on developing a title that offered a range of play and interesting elements for everyone.”

Light in the Dark is available for $1.99 USD on the App StoreGoogle Play and Windows Phone Apps+Games Store. If players are stumped by a puzzle they can also ask for hints, which are purchasable via microtransactions.

Dreamgate Studios has numerous updates in the works, including new levels to showcase advanced strategy.

About Dreamgate Studios

Dreamgate Studios is an independent game development studio based in Canberra, Australia dedicated to creating memorable experiences through interactive game-play on mobile devices.  Established in 2011 by industry veterans, the company’s goal is to combine the AAA experience of their team with the creative freedom of being an indie developer to deliver novel and innovative gameplay experiences.

More information about the company is available at DreamgateStudios.com.

AAA Vets Launch Light Bending, Color Blending Puzzle Game Gamers and everyone that loves a brain-teaser now can download Dreamgate Studios’ cartoon art style, light bending, color blending puzzle game 

5 Ways to Make John Cena Relevant to More WWE Fans

5 Ways to Make John Cena Relevant to More WWE Fans

WWE Superstar John Cena

WWE Superstar John Cena

With the WWE pay-per-view live event Night of Champions coming up on Sunday, September 21, 2014 on the WWE Network (for just $9.99 a month); the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Brock Lesnar defends his belt against the challenger and former champion John Cena. And while I personally would like to see John Cena win the match and become a 16-time…

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STFU Wil Wheaton, or I will Crusher You!

STFU Wil Wheaton, or I will Crusher You!

Wil_Wheaton_Photo2When Wil Wheaton re-emerged as someone who mattered, I was really stoked to hear what he had to say. His piece on buying a toy when he was young was an instant classic. Wheaton was able to ride the wave of “Geek is Chic” and, to many, should be elevated to geek godhood. His cameo appearances in very popular shows including The Big Bang Theory and Eurekahelped cement his growing power base. He…

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Chase Masterson Joins the Hero Round Table

Chase Masterson is set to take the stage at the Hero Round Table, the world’s largest conference on heroism, to discuss how fandom of fictional heroes can help create real change. 


Mega-hit Show Teen Wolf Has a Mega-sized Night

Mega-hit Show Teen Wolf Has a Mega-sized Night

It may not be same MTV from when I was a teenager but one thing MTV has continually delivered is the stuff teens want.  Last night MTV once again delivered.

The mega-hit Teen Wolf  aired a super-sized season four finale last night – the episode was 75 minutes with an extended 45-minute Wolf Watch episode to follow.  In addition to all the Teen Wolf hype, the show’s leading boy wonder Tyler Poseyn…

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A Journey Through The Art of John Alvin, Illustrations for the Ages

A Journey Through The Art of John Alvin, Illustrations for the Ages

The Art of John Alvin

Author: Andrea Alvin
Foreword by: Jeffrey Katzenberg
Illustrator: John Alvin
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Movies
Publisher: Titan Books
Availability: Now, Hardback Amazon or Titan Books
Description: A wonderful collection of illustrations from a pop culture icon.

Disclaimer: Titan Books provided Pop Cults with a copy of this book, with no obligation to review the book or…

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LA Cosplay Con 2015 Announced

LA Cosplay Con 2015 Announced

LACC15-posterThe LA Cosplay Con is coming back!  The inaugural year was such a success Crest Group has officially announced the con will return to the Hyatt Plaza in Century City on Saturday, June 13, 2015.  For those of you like me, this means an entire week of festivities given that E3 Expo begins it’s traditional pre-E3 events on Sunday, June 14th.

We’re very excited and humbled that the first show was…

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"Into the Dalek" Explores Doctor Who’s Battle Between Good and Evil

“Into the Dalek” Explores Doctor Who‘s Battle Between Good and Evil

When is a Dalek not a Dalek? Perhaps, when it’s a good Dalek? Is there even such a thing? The second episode of series 8 of Doctor Who, “Into the Dalek” asks that question — and answers a few others. Spoilers ahead.

doctor who into the dalek capaldi doctor and dalek

Last week, on “Deep Breath,” we saw Peter Capaldi‘s Twelfth Doctorfresh from his regeneration. In a lot of ways, he was spastic and a little bit all over the place as he fought back…

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Invisible bars (Watch_Dogs Rap f. Rich Prophet) [Video]

Invisible bars (Watch_Dogs Rap f. Rich Prophet) [Video]

Aiden Pearce of Watchdogs exploited the Internet to make things happen.  But Big Brother is always watching.  The truth is a lie.  In this song, we made a lot of references to the movie 1984, the source of the concept of “Big Brother.”

Download track: soundcloud.com/brokenpixels


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Ila’s Story - Not Near as Bad as Noah’s

Ila’s Story – Not Near as Bad as Noah’s

Review by Megan Rust

Noah: Ila’s Story by Susan Korman

Genere(s): Fiction, Young adult
Publisher: Titan Books
Description: The ancient world. A young girl, Ila, is found, injured after a violent raid. She is taken in by Noah and his family and grows up strong and happy – she even finds love with her soulmate, Shem, Noah’s son. But when devastation comes to the world in the form of a huge flood, Ila…

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Swift is the Anti-Cyrus, and Hilton is still WINNING!

Swift is the Anti-Cyrus, and Hilton is still WINNING!

Last week, my youngest daughter read me a Facebook conversation several of her friends were having that had to do with the new Taylor Swift video. One of her proclaimed Feminist friends had posted an article that I think was posted by Jezebel (don’t quote me on that) decrying Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” video as racist, because it only shows black women twerking. (Note: I didn’t say…

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From Motocross to Game Designer – Stephane Roncada Rejoins Mx vs. ATV

Nordic Games announced today that former pro motocross racer and game designer Stephane Roncada joined its Phoenix based development team, …


Brainquake Left Me Seeing Pink

Brainquake Left Me Seeing Pink

Brainquake by Samuel Fuller

Genere(s): Mystery, Suspense, Action, Crime, Mafia
Publisher: Hard Case Crime
Description: The bagmen who transport money for organized crime live by a set of rules: no personal relationships, no ties, no women…and never, ever look inside the bag you’re carrying. Paul Page was the perfect bagman, despite suffering from a rare brain disorder. But that ended the day he saw…

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"Deep Breath" Leaves Doctor Who Fans Breathless for More

“Deep Breath” Leaves Doctor Who Fans Breathless for More

It’s finally here: season 8 of Doctor Who, and the debut of Peter Capaldi‘s first season as the Twelfth Doctor. After troubles like script leaks and early episode leaks, there was a lot of mixed talk; could Capaldi pull it off? Was Moffat‘s writing up to snuff? I think that “Deep Breath” has answered these questions — and more. Read on to find out, but beware: this review contains spoilers.

doctor who deep breath clara capaldi


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Attacks at SDCC Continues Alarming Trend of Assaults Towards Cosplayers

Attacks at SDCC Continues Alarming Trend of Assaults Towards Cosplayers

((Editor’s note: I did have stronger language in this article when I was first writing to show how I feel about these sub-human animals who would sexually abuse or victim shame another person is such ways, but out of respect for those women who agreed to contribute to this article I toned down the language a bit. But only just a bit.))

(Cover photo courtesy of 16bitSirens.com)

Cosplay is NOT Consent is a great site that focuses on this issue.

Cosplay is NOT…

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